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The ALIDA BARD autumn collection XX draws inspiration from the icon Edith Bouvier Beale in the documentary Grey Gardens from 1975. Edith Bouvier Beale, also known as “Little Edie”, made her mark in fashion history with an unconventional and humoristic yet elegant approach to dressing up.


“I wanted to make something that “Little Edie” of the 21st century would wear on a night out. She could be both elegant and brusque at the same time.” - Alida Bard, designer.

The collection explores the manipulation of fabrics, the art of draping and the use of curtain tie ups in different ways to paraphrase “Little Edie’s” costumes. Combining contrasting colors and fabrics adds to the playfulness in the collection. The concept of curtain couture, significant to the ALIDA BARD design, is found in the collection where all fabrics are either second hand sourced cloths and curtains or deadstock fabric.


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